On Behalf of the User – Towards Advanced and Applicable QoE Modeling in Networked Settings

Detailed information concerning the special session can be found here.

Organizers: Markus Fiedler and Jörgen Gustafsson

    1. Fundamental Relationships for Deriving QoE in Systems – Tobias Hoßfeld; Poul E. Heegaard; Lea Skorin-Kapov; Martín Varela
    2. Is QUIC becoming the New TCP? On the Potential Impact of a New Protocol on Networked Multimedia QoE – Michael Seufert; Raimund Schatz; Nikolas Wehner; Bruno Gardlo; Pedro Casas
    3. Modeling Instantaneous Quality of Experience Using Machine Learning of Model Trees – Markus Fiedler; Usha Chapala; Sridhar Peteti
    4. Towards the Evaluation of the Effects of Ambient Illumination and Noise on Quality of Experience – Alessandro Floris; Luigi Atzori; Simone Porcu