Perceptual visual information quality enhancement evaluation: challenges and opportunities

Detailed information concerning the special session can be found here.

Organizers: Azeddine Beghdadi, Marius Pedersen, and Muhammad Ali Qureshi

  1. A Novel Ranking Algorithm of Enhanced Images using a Convolutional Neural Network and a Saliency-based Patch Selection Scheme – Aladine Chetouani; Muhammad Ali Qureshi; Mohamed Deriche; Azeddine Beghdadi
  2. From Low Vision to High Quality: Video QoE Enhancement for Visually Impaired Users – Andreas Sackl; Raimund Schatz; Stefan Suette; Manfred Tscheligi
  3. Visual Quality Assessment for Motion Compensated Frame Interpolation – Hui Men; Hanhe Lin; Vlad Hosu; Daniel Maurer; Andrés Bruhn; Dietmar Saupe
  4. Perceptual evaluation of speckle noise reduction techniques for phase shifting holograms – Elsa Fonseca; Paulo Fiadeiro; Vahid Hajihashemi; Marco V. Bernardo; Antonio M. G. Pinheiro; Manuela Pereira