Poster (part 1)

Special Session: Interactive Applications and Games (Organizers: Florian Metzger, Matthias Hirth, and Steven Schmidt):

  1. Assembly Instructions with AR: Towards Measuring Interactive Assistance Experience in an Industry 4.0 Context – Sebastian Egger-Lampl; Cornelia Gerdenitsch; Lisa Deinhard; Raimund Schatz; Philipp Hold

Special Session: Quality and User Experience in Virtual and Augmented Reality (Organizers: Konrad Tollmar, Stefan Uhrig, and Tanja Kojic):

  1. The Impact of Network Latency on Gaming QoE for an FPS VR Game – Sara Vlahovic; Mirko Suznjevic; Lea Skorin-Kapov
  2. Influence of Network Delay in Virtual Reality Multiplayer Exergames: Who is actually delayed? – Tanja Kojic; Steven Schmidt; Sebastian Möller; Jan-Niklas Voigt-Antons
  3. Speed Experience: Assessing the Quality of Vehicle Speed Perception in Virtual Environments – Helmut Schrom-Feiertag; Georg Regal; Johann Schrammel
  4. Network-Induced Temporal Disturbances in Virtual Reality Applications – Markus Fiedler; Hans-Juergen Zepernick; Viktor Kelkkanen

Special Session: Quality of Experience and User Experience Research with and for Crowdsourcing (Organizers: Babak Naderi, Matthias Hirth, and Katrien De Moor):

  1. Background Environment Characteristics of Crowd-Workers from German Speaking Countries – Experimental Survey on User Environment Characteristics – Rafael Zequeira Jiménez; Babak Naderi; Sebastian Möller
  2. User Behavior and Engagement of a Mobile Video Streaming User from Crowdsourced Measurements – Christian Moldovan; Florian Wamser; Tobias Hoßfeld
  3. KADID-10k: A Large-scale Artificially Distorted IQA Database – Hanhe Lin; Vlad Hosu; Dietmar Saupe
  4. A Crowdsourcing Approach to Evaluate the Quality of Query-based Extractive Text Summaries – Neslihan Iskender; Aleksandra Gabryszak; Tim Polzehl; Leonhard Hennig; Sebastian Möller

Special Session: Quality of Text and Language (Organizers: Aljoscha Burchardt, Vivien Macketanz, and Sven Schmeier):

  1. Comparing the Quality of Neural Machine Translation and Professional Post-Editing – Jennifer Vardaro; Moritz Schaeffer; Silvia Hansen-Schirra
  2. Automated Text Readability Assessment for German Language: A Quality of Experience Approach – Babak Naderi; Salar Mohtaj; Karan Karan; Sebastian Möller

Regular papers:

  1. Impact of Various Motion Interpolation Algorithms on 360° Video QoE – Stephan Fremerey; Frank Hofmeyer; Steve Göring; Alexander Raake
  2. PC-MSDM: A quality metric for 3D point clouds – Gabriel Meynet; Julie Digne; Guillaume Lavoué
  3. Computing Quality-of-Experience Ranges for Video Quality Estimation – Lohic Fotio Tiotsop; Enrico Masala; Ahmed Aldahdooh; Glenn Van Wallendael; Marcus Barkowsky
  4. Young children and the use of video chat: implications for QoE research – Katrien De Moor; Hege Krokås Borge; Poul E. Heegaard
  5. Low-Complexity “Smart” Per-Scene Video Encoding – Shahid Satti; Matthias Obermann; Roland Bitto; Christian Schmidmer; Michael Keyhl
  6. Study on the Perception of Sharpness Mismatch in Stereoscopic Video – Simone Croci; Sebastian Knorr; Aljosa Smolic