Special Session: Perceptual visual information quality enhancement evaluation: challenges and opportunities


Perceptual visual information quality enhancement evaluation: challenges and opportunities


Azeddine Beghdadi, Marius Pedersen, and Muhammad Ali Qureshi

Motivation and objectives

The special session on perceptual visual information quality enhancement evaluation aims to provide a platform for showcasing the theoretical and applied research advancement in this field of research as well as to explore the recent methods, challenges and the possible opportunities in this widely investigated domain. Enhancing image/video contrast is of major interest in many applications ranging from medical imaging, video surveillance, remote sensing, underwater imaging, image forensics, intelligent transport systems, digital cinema, visual cultural heritage data, among others. A plethora of image/video quality enhancement methods have been proposed in the literature, making it difficult to select the appropriate method for a given application. Over the years, some simple objective measures for image quality enhancement evaluation have been proposed. However, there is no study to test the reliability of these measures themselves. Given the importance of image and video quality enhancement in different applications, there is a need to investigate the performance of these measures in terms of robustness and consistency with human judgment and suitability in a given application. Original and unpublished work is invited to be submitted in the special session.

Topics of interest

The topics of interest include:

  • Contrast enhancement evaluation in the medical context,
  • Quality of 3D visualization like mesh, computer graphics, 3D reconstruction of surfaces in
  • medical science
  • Evaluation of quality enhancement of volume rendering methods
  • Quality evaluation of tone-mapping
  • Performance evaluation of under-water image quality enhancement
  • Enhancement quality evaluation of dehazing/defogging/desmoking techniques
  • Performance evaluation of quality enhancement of seismic images
  • Quality evaluation for video stabilization techniques
  • Contrast enhancement evaluation of stereoscopic image/video
  • Evaluation of other relevant visual information quality enhancement techniques
  • Databases dedicated to quality enhancement evaluation

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