Special Session: Quality of Text and Language


Quality of Text and Language


Aljoscha BurchardtVivien Macketanz, and Sven Schmeier

Motivation and objectives

The quality of text and language is without doubt one of the decisive factors when assessing the QoE and UX. Still, it is often assumed to be a constant when experimenting with other, non-language aspects or it is assessed indirectly only through user feedback. One good reason to do so is that text quality in itself is a large and blurry field that covers various aspects of quality and techniques for assessing it.

The goal of this session is to let text and language quality become a first class citizen and to explore ways of pinpointing the different aspects of text quality within a variety of contributions from different areas ranging from translation quality to corporate language.

As the topic is multidisciplinary, we expect contributions from research areas including general (Computational) Linguistics, Speech and Dialogue, Quality & Usability, Cognitive Systems, Psycholinguistics, etc. We want to encourage also contributions from neighbouring fields in order to be able to shed light on this matter from many different angles.

Topics of interests

The session’s intended topics include (but are not limited to):

  • Quality of Text in general: What makes up a good text?
  • Translation Quality
  • Quality of Summarization
  • Quality of Written Dialogue
  • Quality of Text Databases
  • Text coherence
  • Quality of Corporate Language (Terminology, etc.)
  • Fluency and Readability
  • Simple Language

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