1. Fundamental Advantages of Considering Quality of Experience Distributions over Mean Opinion Scores – Michael Seufert
    2. Impact of Quality Factors on Users’ Viewing Behaviors in Adaptive Bitrate Streaming Services – Shoko Takahashi; Kazuhisa Yamagishi; Pierre Lebreton; Jun Okamoto
    3. Subjective Assessment of Adaptive Media Playout for Video Streaming – Pablo Pérez; Narciso García; Alvaro Villegas
    4. Analysing the Impact of Cross-Content Pairs on Pairwise Comparison Scaling – Emin Zerman; Giuseppe Valenzise; Aljosa Smolic
    5. Perceptual Evaluation of Adversarial Attacks for CNN-based Image Classification – Sid Ahmed Fezza; Yassine Bakhti; Wassim Hamidouche; Olivier Deforges