QoMEX 2019 Awards

QoMEX 2019 will select winners to receive the best Conference Paper Award and the best Student Paper Award. Both awards aim to honor exceptional technical contributions and promote high-quality research within the technical scope of the conference. The final awards decisions will be taken after the presentation of these papers.

The Awards Selection Guidelines are:

  1. Exclusions: The papers from the General Co-chairs, Technical Program Chairs, and Awards Chair are excluded for the consideration.
  2. Initial Score based Selection: The 6 accepted papers and 5 accepted student papers receiving the highest scores and good recognition in the review process are chosen as the candidates.
  3. Award Selection Committee: It is formed by the 2 General Co-chairs, the 4 Technical Program Chairs, and the Award Chair. All review scores and comments will be made available to the committee.
  4. Candidates Presentation: The relevant authors will be informed before the conference and the candidates will be announced on the homepage.
  5. Award Selection Committee Work: The Award Selection Committee members will have to score all the candidate papers. The Award Selection Committee members should sit in the presentations or attend the poster and give a vote for each paper where the best paper gets 6 points, the 2nd best 5 points and so on.
  6. Award Criteria: The Award Selection Committee should consider the technical quality, the technical novelty, the potential impact, the editorial quality, the oral presentation quality and the capability to answer questions.
  7. Winners Definition: After consolidation of the votes by the awards chair, the paper receiving the highest overall vote by the Award Selection Committee will be awarded as the Best Paper Award (even if the first author is a student); the paper with the second highest vote and with a student as the first author will be awarded the Best Student Paper Award.
  8. Issues: If there is any issue arising before the final decision can be reached, the Awards Selection Committee will meet at the conference site to resolve.

The awards ceremony will be held at the closing ceremony or at an earlier occasion during the conference program, depending on the scheduling of the presentations of the award candidates.

QoMEX 2019 Award Chair: Christian Timmerer


Best Paper Awards Candidates:

  • Intrusive Quality Measurement of Noisy and Enhanced Speech based on i-Vector Similarity. Authors: Anderson Avila; Md. Jahangir Alam; Douglas O’Shaughnessy; Tiago Falk
  • Subjective Assessment of Adaptive Media Playout for Video Streaming. Authors: Pablo Pérez; Narciso García; Alvaro Villegas
  • Assessing Texture Dimensions and Video Quality in Motion Pictures using Sensory Evaluation Techniques. Authors: Dominik Keller; Tamara Seybold; Janto Skowronek; Alexander Raake
  • SUR-Net: Predicting the Satisfied User Ratio Curve for Image Compression with Deep Learning. Authors: Chunling Fan; Hanhe Lin; Vlad Hosu; Yun Zhang; Qingshan Jiang; Raouf Hamzaoui; Dietmar Saupe
  • Analysing the Impact of Cross-Content Pairs on Pairwise Comparison Scaling. Authors: Emin Zerman; Giuseppe Valenzise; Aljosa Smolic
  • A Novel Ranking Algorithm of Enhanced Images using a Convolutional Neural Network and a Saliency-based Patch Selection Scheme. Authors: Aladine Chetouani; Muhammad Ali Qureshi; Mohamed Deriche; Azeddine Beghdadi


Best Paper Award Candidates with a Student as First/Presenting Author:

  • Visual Quality Assessment for Motion Compensated Frame Interpolation. Authors: Hui Men; Hanhe Lin; Vlad Hosu; Daniel Maurer; Andrés Bruhn; Dietmar Saupe
  • Towards the development of a non-intrusive objective quality measure for DNN-enhanced speech. Authors: João Felipe Santos; Tiago Falk
  • Short on Time? Context-Aware Shopping Lists to the Rescue: an Experimental Evaluation of a Smart Shopping Cart. Authors: Stephanie Van Hove; Anissa All; Lieven De Marez
  • Predicting Quality of Experience of Popular Mobile Applications from a Living Lab Study. Authors: Alexandre De Masi; Katarzyna Wac
  • Exploiting user interactivity in quality assessment of point cloud imaging. Authors: Evangelos Alexiou; Touradj Ebrahimi